Return Policy


In line with our supplier requirements, we cannot refund certain items once they have been fulfilled and shipped out to you. This is due to the nature of the service being that some of our products are made to order. Made to order means that these products do not exist prior to you placing an order with us. We print and stitch our items on demand through numerous suppliers around the world. Once you place an order, the item is then assembled, stitched and/or printed.

Our return policy states that we do not cover buyers remorse once the item has been manufactured. If you would like to cancel your order, please contact a sales agent as soon as possible and respond immediately to related information regarding cancelling your order as we simply cannot cover the manufacturing process.

It is your responsibility as the customer to read the terms and conditions of our service when ordering with us. Please make sure you are aware of these terms and conditions when placing an order.

If a product has been manufactured and shipped out to you already, you may be entitled to a partial refund but please be aware that if you cancel, you may have to ship the item back to us at your own cost. Monumental Ltd is not liable to pay for such shipping costs. Please bear this in mind when entering your details as a full refund is not possible.

When returning an item to us, please ensure that the item is left unopened in it's original packaging and has not been worn, torn or used in any way. This is in line with current Covid-19 restrictions. Failure to do so may cost you your refund as the item could be deemed defective. When receiving the item at your delivery address, please ship it back to us immediately, unopened, to our return address: 

Monumental Inc Ltd
86-90 Paul Street,
London, EC2A 4NE

Please include every line of this return address when shipping it to ensure that the item arrives back to us safely. To ensure delivery and for your peace of mind, you may wish to request a tracking code from your courier. This is at your own cost and will not be covered by Monumental Inc Ltd.