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A complete final mastering treatment for one of your songs.

Simply place your order and you'll receive instructions and a link to our Monumental Drive. With the Monumental Drive, you'll add the song which needs mastering and one of our qualified sound engineers will pick it up on the other end! It couldn't be easier to get your song mastered.

Turn around time is usually 2-3 days, depending on any revisions you may ask of your sound engineer. 


You can opt to book a mastering job with us under our Buy Now, Pay Later payment plan. Get your mastering job started right away. Pay within 30 days or in 3 easy instalments. In the mean time, we'll get started on your project!


Mastering is the final component to your hit song. Mixing is the first step in a two part process to achieving industry quality sound. The second step is a final master - don't forget that you'll need this in order for your track to compete with other songs on the radio and in streaming playlists.

Please note: your song needs to have already been mixed prior to mastering. Mastering a song which hasn't been mixed properly won't clear up any unwanted frequencies, volume issues or recording faults. For a complete mixing and mastering treatment, browse our combo deals so you can save money on a mix and master!