Full Album (Mixing and Mastering)

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A complete mixing and mastering treatment for your album project. This option is tailored to artists who need a thorough mix of every element in each song and a full final master for their entire LP. 

With this full album combo, you're not limited to a set amount of songs. Whether you're creating an album of 12 songs or even an album of 25 songs, this option covers you for the entirety. Also included in your purchase is unlimited revisions on all mixes! Get the sound you want!


Simply place your order and you'll receive instructions and a link to our Monumental Drive. With the Monumental Drive, you'll add all of your files that need mixing and one of our qualified sound engineers will pick them up on the other end! It couldn't be easier.

Save time and money with this bundle package which consists of every benefit of the mixing service, including the added bonus of a final master of your song! Mastering is the final component to your hit song. Mixing is the first step in a two part process to achieving industry quality sound. The second step is a final master - don't forget that you'll need this in order for your track to compete with other songs on the radio and in streaming playlists.