Krafty - Not For Resale (Limited Edition Cassette)

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Monumental Records are proud to present the debut studio album Not For Resale by Krafty!

Setting the stage for his cheeky wordplay and sarcastic delivery, producers such as Sinima and Oskar Mike provide Krafty with a batch of solid rap beats here. The album bounces from different topics such as being an unsigned, independent rapper, loneliness and depression, to signing on for benefits at the job centre.

Laced with skits, this is the first official appearance from Big Norman (Krafty's manager) as well as the disgruntled, know it all unnamed fan. We also see a return of the obsessed fan Anna before the cheeky 'How Much I Love You' song.

Includes the singles 'I Wanna Get Signed', 'How Much I Love You' and 'Take The Lead'.

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