Liquid SZAs Instrumental

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Here we have a Wu-Tang Clan inspired instrumental which features a catchy vocal sample over some banging hip hop drums and bassy synths. This one's tailored for them bars with a chorus space if you can muster up a hook! 

The hook section features some leading strings that climax and send you straight into the next verse. So make that hook energetic! 

Want to own this Wu-Tang Clan style hip hop instrumental? No doubt, we got you.


Exclusive Rights means you own the beat – nobody else will own this beat after you purchase today. Grab a bargain.


Can't afford to pay hundreds for your beats? It's all good. We've cooked up some of these rap beats to wet your appetite and keep you hungry on the mic at the same damn time! We understand that not every rapper is some ultra swagged out ballin' mofo - so we thought we'd show some love to the little guys in the underground too!